Making Tracks: Synopsis

Cast: 6 male / 3 female (including the band)
Availability: Making Tracks is available for both professional and amateur production (contact Casarotto Ramsay for further information).
Acting Edition:
Consuming Passions has not been published.


Rog (a sound engineer)
Sandy (a singer)
Lennie (a keyboard player)
Chris (a drummer)
Gus (a guitarist)
Stan (an impresario)
Wolfe (a business man)
Lace (a good friend)
Mrs Witts (a mother)
The self-styled impresario Stan runs a recording studio, financed by the somewhat dubious businessman Wolfe. Unable to pay his debts, Stan stakes everything on the singer / songwriter Sandy Beige. However, her talents are limited and Stan seems doomed, particularly when Wolfe keeps turning up with his new partner, Lace - actually Stan’s ex-wife.

Stan sees a solution to his predicament as he knows Lace has a very good voice. He persuades her to join him in a plot to save the studio. Sandy is brought in to record her ‘hit’ song in front of Wolfe. She is singing into a ‘dead’ microphone though, while the hidden Lace sings into a live microphone. This ploy works briefly until Sandy moves away from the microphone, yet the song continues. Wolfe is angry at the deception and things look bleak. However, Stan persuades Lace to sing a final number,
Making Tracks, which obviously is a hit and persuades Wolfe not to close the studio.

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The Songs Of Making Tracks

Act I
Children’s Eyes (Sandy)
Alright For Level (Rog)
Recording You (Rog, Lace, Sandy and Stan)
Words & Music (Stan, Lace & the Company)
Act II
We Are A Group (Company)
She Hasn’t Got It (Stan, Sandy, Chris and Lace)
Someone Wrong (Lace and Stan)
Backing Vocals (Company)
Not For Sandy (Sandy and Lace)
Making Tracks (Lace and the Company)
This is the final track listing used in the 1983 London premiere of Making Tracks. The original production featured an extra song, Words & Music (sung by the company) at the climax of Act 1, which was cut for the 1982 revival. The original production also featured a song in Act II called Showbiz (sung by Wolfe, Mrs Witts & Sandy) which was re-written as Backing Vocals and performed by the Company.
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